Welcome to Grace! Bienvenido a La Gracia!

To Love, Proclaim, and Serve God through

Amar, Proclamar y Servir a Dios a través de

  • life-giving liturgical worship
  • joyful community
  • empowering others

We live our mission through worship, in which lay adults, children and youth participate alongside our clergy.  Traditional, life-giving Eucharistic liturgy and fine music are hallmarks of worship at our parish, and we have weekly services in both English and Spanish.  We create a joyful community with a harvest of fellowship activities and events for all ages.  We empower and serve others through vital ministries, particularly around feeding the hungry.  Please explore our website to get to know us or, better yet, come visit!

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From the Rector: Changes and Opportunities

Dear Friends in Christ,

Once more, I am writing about change.  Because the rate of change in our church in our world is not slowing down, is it?

This week, I am thinking—as I’m sure many of you are—about the staff changes here at Grace.  Peter Hanke has wrapped up a year of faithful service as our parish administrator, seeing us with great care through the worst of the pandemic.  Richard Newman has announced his departure at the end of the summer, bringing to a close his able leadership for our music program for seven years.  And Jason Roberson is preparing for his last Sunday at Grace on August 8, as he follows the Holy Spirit to a new calling in Miami.

I am saddened by these changes, of course.  When I came to Grace, I was excited to be joining a mature, experienced team, and I had hoped that team would remain intact for a long time.

But change does not slow down, not for any of us.  And while there is sadness in change, there is also hope.  For each of our departing staff members, change means a new beginning.  And it means the same for us here at Grace, too.

We are not yet able to name new staff members, but I hope some announcements will be coming soon. Our Personnel Committee, chaired by Lisa Medley, has been working much harder than they ever imagined they would be!  Here’s an update on what’s in the works:

  • We are in the process of hiring an Interim Associate Rector who will serve from September until next summer, and we’ll use the intervening time to search for a permanent clergy person.
  • Similarly, we will be looking for an Interim Director of Music who can serve during the program years while we search for a permanent staff member.
  • We have reimagined the Parish Administrator position as a Director of Operations, emphasizing that position’s managerial role. I hope that position will be filled by September.
  • We are also using part-time help. Ben Strohl, the school Facilities Manager, has already come on board as part-time Facilities Manager for the church.  We also hope to hire a part-time Communications Specialist.  Both of these roles will support our new Director of Operations.
  • Finally, we hope to hire a part-time staff person to assist with Sunday School programming. While this job will not include the breadth of work done by previous family ministers, my hope is that a staff person can support our families who so need support and care after this difficult pandemic year.

In these changes, there is most definitely a new beginning, and there is most definitely hope.  Grace is a wonderful community (I’m still new enough that I can say that without a hint of bragging!), and faithful, talented people want to join with us to share in our mission.  It’s going to be exciting to see what talents and gifts they share with us.

Yours in Christ,