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  • life-giving liturgical worship
  • joyful community
  • empowering others

We live our mission through worship, in which lay adults, children and youth participate alongside our clergy.  Traditional, life-giving Eucharistic liturgy and fine music are hallmarks of worship at our parish, and we have weekly services in both English and Spanish.  We create a joyful community with a harvest of fellowship activities and events for all ages.  We empower and serve others through vital ministries, particularly around feeding the hungry.  Please explore our website to get to know us or, better yet, come visit!

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Musings from Mother Jenny 03.15.2024

It’s early morning in Richmond. I’m awake and count as the mantle clock chimes six times. Feeling rested enough, I rise quietly, make my way downstairs for coffee and step out into our backyard. Sunrise is an hour away and the faint glimmer of stars twinkle overhead. Security lights from the alley cast soft light on the bunches of daffodils blooming in our yard. The pre-dawn traffic on I-95 drones. And yet what captures my attention the most is the relentless chirping of robins, cardinals, wrens and sparrows. I sense their urgency to be heard and I wonder what in the world they are communicating to each other this early in the morning. And then my mind drifts to Grace Church and the conversations we are having this Lent.

Like the birds in our backyard, there’s an urgency to be heard. And, I marvel at how we’ve been able to hold space for conversations that are not always easy. The conversations have been sacred. There have been glimmers of grace. Guidelines are being practiced to help us try on new ways of thinking and connecting. We are listening to one another with kind eyes, allowing each other to speak without responding, correcting or fixing. We are practicing self-focus by using “I” statements and checking in with ourselves about our emotions.

There’s a shared understanding that it is okay to disagree and yet it is not okay to blame, shame attack self or others. We are practicing both/and thinking and acknowledging that two things can be true at the same time. We are paying particular attention to our intentions and the impact they may have unknowingly on others. And we are maintaining confidentiality by not sharing another person’s story.

Seventy-one of us gathered this past Monday evening and our last session in this series will be this coming Monday evening. The invitation is open for you to join us at 6:00pm as we continue to do this sacred work of listening to one another and to the Holy Spirit. For as this hymn comes to my mind in today’s pre-dawn hours:

Morning has broken like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken like the first bird
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
Praise for them springing fresh from the Word.

Sweet the rain’s new fall
sunlit from heaven,
like the first dewfall
on the first grass.
Praise for the sweetness
of the wet garden,
sprung in completeness
where God’s feet pass.

Mine is the sunlight!
Mine is the morning
born of the one light
Eden saw play!
Praise with elation,
praise every morning,
God’s recreation
of the new day!

Source: 1982 Hymnal #8